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Dream about Snake (Meaning)

The body of a human being must rest, it must sleep. In his sleep, he always dreams, only that sometimes he is unconscious or his dream seems to be blurred. The dream represents above all what he feels, what he fears, what he has experienced, what he must live or face.

Each dream has a precise meaning whether it is a peaceful dream or a nightmare. A dreamer can dream of a snake. This dream has many interpretations and meanings, sometimes they are negative but they can also be positive in another sense.

In any case, it would be very beneficial to know about this aspect of dreaming because snake dreaming is quite common for everyone. This article will mainly focus on the meaning of snake dreams.

In the first paragraph, we will look at the meanings of snake dreams in general. And in the second paragraph, we will discuss the interpretation of the dream of these reptiles according to some philosophers.

1. Meanings of the Snake Dream

A. According to the ancient dream tradition

Dreams of these creatures have particular meanings in the ancient dream tradition.

Dreaming of a snake attacking

If you dream that a snake attacks you and you are bitten, this is a sign of a woman’s revenge. You must be careful because female vengeance is very severe.

Trying to catch a snake in your dream

During some dreams, you are chasing a snake. A situation that can be interpreted as a sign that you are going to experience a great loss in your job.

Killing a snake in your dream

A snake in a dream is often frightening and nightmarish, and you have a crazy urge to kill it when you come across it.

In the dream, everything is allowed and the dreamer is the one who imagines everything, so he can dream about killing a snake. This means that he is not afraid to engage in battle in the face of adversity and that he will be a winner against his enemies.

Seeing snakes under his feet

To have one’s feet on snakes in a dream is significant of victory over people of bad faith. That is, the dreamer emerges victorious against all those who want to harm him.

Like the snake under his feet, he tramples on his malicious, underhanded, and bad faith opponents. In another sense, the dream also represents a warning that is rather related to health and says to “take care of yourself”.

B. Links with sexuality

In a woman

When a woman has a dream about a snake, it can mean that she doubts her ability to seduce or that she feels a fear about her sexuality. In both of these cases, the dreamer is insecure about her sex life and believes that men are not sexually attracted to her in her real life.

This affects mainly the mentality and the main cause of these dreams for a woman is mainly due to a breakup or a bad sexual experience, in other words, she feels a sense of rejection, she is no longer attractive to her partner and he decides to explore other women to find those he did not find in the woman.

This lack is mostly on the sexual side, an unpleasant moment that the dreamer spent with her companion and during which she could not satisfy him. If a snake bites you in your dream, beware of devious and dangerous men who say they are your friends.

For a man

For a man, dreaming of a snake is sometimes a revelation about his femininity. This revelation can cause a doubt about his virility. A man has to be strong and courageous but in every man there is a part of femininity that shows itself when he is in an unpleasant situation for him.

In this article, the dreamer’s femininity is provoked by his dream of a snake because he can have a feeling of fear in front of the snake. Indeed, this reptile has a reputation of killer and deadly predator and some species of snakes are scary with their immense size (python, anaconda, boa) and others are small but they are poisonous snakes and have a toxic venom that is injected following a bite (the asp viper, the spitting cobra, the rattlesnake).

A snake bite can kill an adult male and the time between bites and death is often short. All this to say that there is something to scare even the bravest man in the world.

From a global point of view

The snake has been an integral part of human life since the beginning. Certainly, this specimen was the one who pushed the first woman to eat the fruit of the tree of life (or forbidden fruit).

This shows that this reptile symbolizes lies, temptation and sin. Linked to these representations, a dream of a snake can be interpreted in the sense of a desire to lie to one’s partner.

This individual who dreams of a snake is facing a temptation that is adultery. It is forbidden by God’s law to cheat on one’s wife or husband, but the dream is a representation that pushes the individual towards the temptation of finding a sensation that is forbidden to him or her, like the case of Eve with the forbidden fruit.

A dream of a snake is often caused by a fight against the sexual instinct. Human beings are instinctively attracted to sexuality once they reach puberty and this can cause many problems in their lives.

In this context, the dream means that the individual is trying to fight, to deny his sexual instinct. He is afraid of the consequences that will be brought about by this instinct. In relation to sexuality, if a person happens to dream of a snake coming out of a dead man’s mouth, it is a symbolism of orgasm or self-control in relation to one’s desires.

C. According to the coloring of the snake in the dream

t is important to pay more attention to the color of the snake that appears in a dream to give a more accurate interpretation of the dream.

The dream of a black snake

Most of the time, in a dream, the snake is always black, this dream warns that you should not trust anyone.

In another sense, this dream can interpret a future encounter with a dangerous person and that the situation will be entirely beyond your control.

The dream of a red and black snake or yellow and black snake

A dream of this kind is a symbol of evil on a grand scale, that is, in all its strength. It also represents a warning that a negative force wants to play with the sleeper.

The dream of a white snake

The color white always alludes to the subconsciousness and all that is related to it. In this context, a dream of a white snake is often triggered by events that relate to the deepest parts of the subconscious.

The dream of a green snake

The appearance of a green snake in a dream is in no way a bad thing, on the contrary, this kind of dream symbolizes an energy that the dreamer should master and make good use of to improve his life.

D. Snake Nightmares

This kind of snake dream often symbolizes fear, the impenetrable. But in some cases, it alludes to a representation of the unknown, of the superfluous, that is to say that the dreamer does not have control over it.

E. Dreaming of a snake in Islam

But this meaning of the dream changes depending on the situation the dreamer faces with the snake and it is always difficult to give an interpretation to these dreams.

F. Other Meanings of Snake in Dreams

Dream of a snake biting

Most of the time, a person imagines being bitten by a snake in his dream. This represents their hidden anxieties and fears, but this dream can also be interpreted as an imminent danger that is about to take place.

Dream of a snake biting your leg

Having a dream of being bitten by a snake on the leg is symbolic of an individual with bad intentions who wants to harm the dreamer. This individual intends to make the dreamer’s life a living hell. The snake that bites the leg will slow down the progress of the one it bites and hurt him very much, this image is representative of a sting to the dreamer.

And by linking it with professional life, this person represented by the snake in the dream is very malicious and wants to cause the loss of his victim by putting obstacles in his way.

Dream of a snake biting your face

To dream of being bitten by a snake in the face is a symbol of shame that will occur in the life of the person bitten. In this context, the snake is the representation of the one who wants to inflict shame on the dreamer who takes a blow in the face and has to hide to avoid mockery.

Dream of a golden snake

This is a sign of wealth, meaning that you will soon receive a very large sum of inestimable value that represents gold and that will allow your life to evolve.

It is especially those who are in big companies, gamblers who have this dream most of the time because they play with very large sums of money and they are always in search of money.

Dream of a brown snake in bed

This dream is a bit special and has a different impact and meaning for a man than for a woman. Indeed, for a woman, this dream is like a warning against impure men who are hanging around the woman.

And for the man, this dream is a warning against light-hearted, opportunistic, pretentious girls who are looking for a rich man just to take his money.

To see a snake wriggling

This dream is a bit unnatural because it means that the dreamer has to fight against fate. The writhing snake shows the way to the dreamer that he has to face the fate and confront it accordingly.

Dream of a headless snake

This kind of dream shows that the sleeper refuses to face reality and that at an unexpected moment he is caught off guard. In other words, he denies the events he encounters and avoids the problems that arise in his life, and that these problems arrive in his face at a time when he was not expecting them.

Dream of a two-headed snake

Only in movies and in dreams do we meet a two-headed snake. A dream where you find this kind of snake is a symbolism of wealth and success in all areas, but if it turns out that the presence of this snake in the dream is harmful, it interprets the disorder in his life.

Dreaming of a snake on your bed

This dream often refers to a sexual domination that the sleeper is undergoing in his life or that he is afraid of being dominated in the sexual field. Indeed, it is impossible for the sleeper to take advantage of a snake if one is mounted on his bed, it is difficult for him to seize it, the domination is in favor of the snake. The snake represents the one who dominates the dreamer sexually.

Dream of having a snake in his hand

To dream of capturing a snake and holding it in your hand is a sign of strength that will enable you to defeat your opponents. Indeed, the snake is harmless and cannot do anything once captured and you hold its head so that it cannot move.

Dream of being coiled and bitten by a snake

This attack technique is that of constrictor snakes like pythons, boas and anacondas. Unlike venomous snakes such as vipers, cobras, rattlesnakes which kill their prey by envenomation after bites, these species are not venomous, devoid of toxic venom. It suffocates its prey by rolling around it to immobilize it and biting it without injecting venom.

Contrary to the previous interpretation, this kind of dream represents vulnerability and that you cannot counter your enemies. You are powerless and harmless against them.

2. Interpretation of snake dreams according to some philosophers

A. According to Artemidorus

If you see a snake in your dream, it is an omen of illness or enmity, that is, either the snake bites you and injects its deadly venom which contains poison, or it spares you.

If you dream of a white snake, it indicates that you will receive assistance from a strong person, even if this person is rather strange. If you dream of cutting off the head of a snake, you will have the upper hand over your enemy permanently.

B. According to Miller

Miller’s interest in the interpretation of a snake dream is quite fascinating and cultivating. From his point of view, a snake in a dream is like a symbol of attack suffered by the dreamer from his enemies. If he manages to kill the snake in his dream, it can play in his favor on the restoration of his reputation.

If he dreams that the snake attacks, it shows that he is trying to get out of a critical position. He also tried to understand snake dreams for a woman and according to him, a woman who dreams that she has been bitten by a snake or that a snake sheds its skin is a sign of misfortune in a future moment.

C. According to Carl Gustav Jung

A Jungian interpretation on the subject has been received. According to Jung, a dream in which a snake is found is a symbol of the spiritual, sexual and vital energy of a person.

He also states that he interprets a dream of having a snake in your home as a fear of being deceived when you are not at home. But also, a dream in which you were trying to charm a snake is a sign that your unconscious is in a difficult period or even suffering.

An analysis of dreams that a snake is in the belly is a representation of morbid desires. Since the snake is one of the symbols of sex, the dream of making a chase with a snake and catching it shows that the dreamer is sexually dissatisfied in the present period.

D. According to Sigmund Freud

Freud was also able to find an interpretation on snake dreams. According to him, most reptiles like the snake represent the male sex. For him, a woman who is dreaming of seeing a snake in exchange for her spouse is suggesting changes in her intimate relationships.

In other words, the woman dreams of seeing problems in her sex life that encourage her to solve them. As for the man, if he dreams of a snake, it reveals sexual impulses. The snake awakens his sexual desires and instincts. Another symbolism of snake dreams according to Freud is that if in the dream you are chasing a snake and you catch it, it shows that your intimate life is very active. On the other hand, if you dream of being attacked by a snake, it is a testimony to a fear of betrayal in the couple from a sexual point of view.

In summary, each situation associated with a snake in a dream can have particular interpretations but they are not very distinct because most of these meanings revolve around the same theme such as sexuality, power, vulnerability, strength, betrayal, evil. All of these themes are related in the meanings of a snake in general. Taking a special interest in this subject would be very beneficial for those who are closely interested in snakes and everything that revolves around these specimens.

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