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What is the size of a Snake Egg?

In general, the snake is an oviparous animal. However, there are species of snakes that do not lay eggs but that the babies spend a gestation period in their mother before being born, these are called viviparous snakes.

This article focuses on the oviparous reptile that is the snake and especially on the size of a snake egg. This size can vary from one species to another, that’s why it is interesting to list the most known and frequent species to be able to study this characteristic of their eggs.

1. Size of a Snake Egg

The snakes are also part of the species of small size (the viperine snake, the striped snake, the green and yellow snake). They are not venomous reptile species. The snake which is non-venomous is very common to humans because they like gardens.

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This specimen is harmless, it is rather fearful but if a human comes between it and its nest, it is capable of attacking even though it is a harmless species, this specimen can be aggressive sometimes. The females of this species can lay two to 50 eggs depending on their size. These eggs have a size between 2 and 4 cm and they hatch after one to two months.

2. Size of a Cobra egg

A particular species, for cobras like the king cobra, the spitting cobra, the spotted cobra, the female lays her eggs and she leaves her nest before her eggs hatch to avoid eating her young, her offspring, her snakes.

Indeed, the cobra snake is ophiophagous which means that it eats other snakes. A female cobra snake lays 20 to 40 eggs after 2 months of mating. The size of its eggs is around 6 cm long and 3.4 cm wide. The king cobra is very particular because it is the only one to make a nest to put its eggs.

3. Size of a Mamba Egg

The most common subspecies of mamba are the black mamba and the green mamba. They are mostly found in Africa. Indeed, the black mamba is one of the venomous snakes and is even the most venomous in Africa. The black mamba is a very dangerous species because in addition to being very venomous, it is very fast and the fastest snake.

Its attacks can reach a speed of 23 km/h. A mamba lays its eggs mostly in hollow trees, leaf litter, and its eggs are 6.5 cm long and 3.5 cm wide. Once the eggs are laid, they take about 12 weeks to hatch.

4. Size of a Python Egg

Some species are quite well known like the royal python, Burmese python, reticulated python, Seba python. They are in the classification of big and huge snake and besides, they are all among the biggest snakes in the world. The python is also generally constrictor. They are not venomous snakes but they suffocate their victims by wrapping themselves around them.

The female python snake is very protective, laying her eggs and then wrapping herself around them. The snake wrapped around its eggs will attack absolutely anyone who tries to touch its young.

Snake eggs and snake

When laying eggs, there can be 30 to 50 eggs and sometimes some females lay up to 100 eggs. But the most important and the subject of interest in this article is the size of the snake’s egg. A python egg is 16 cm long and 9 cm wide.

The size of its egg is larger than that of the snakes because the python being a large snake and a giant snake and this large size implies that a python egg is large enough to contain their offspring which are quite large. For a Seba python, for example, the newborns measure around 60 to 70 cm. And the reticulated python is one of the endangered species because of its skin which is widely used to make bags.

In summary

On average, the size of a snake’s egg ranges from 2 cm in length to 16 cm in length depending on the species. It is also important to know that not all snakes are oviparous, there are viviparous snakes like the anaconda. The young are born following an incubation in the belly of their mothers.

An in-depth article on the subject would be interesting to discuss, another mode of snake reproduction that some may not even consider. If some snakes come out of a small egg at first, addressing the length of these snakes would be a very interesting topic.

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