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What is the Lifespan of a Snake?

Nothing is eternal on this earth. Like all living things, a snake has a limited life. Each of the snake species has its own life expectancy which is the average life span. Doing an in-depth study on the life expectancy of a snake is a very interesting topic.

This article will focus on the maximum number of snake species to study them from the point of view of their life expectancy according to the living conditions they lead. We will also take a look at the snake that has lived the longest but also at the snake that is the oldest and is still alive.

1. Life Expectancy of Constrictor Snakes

Snakes are often grouped according to their mode of attack. This paragraph will be entirely reserved for the constrictor snake such as anacondas, pythons, boas by specifically addressing their life expectancy.

A. Life expectancy of a Python

We will start with the pythons, they often last quite a long time. The reticulated python can live up to 40 years in captivity, that is to say that it is maintained in a habitat where its breeder takes care of it, while in the wild, its life expectancy is between 15 and 20 years.

Then there is the Seba python which is a large snake of 100 kg. Its life expectancy is on average 15 years if the reptile is in the wild, however if it is held in captivity, it can live up to 30 years.

Among the pythons, we can also mention the python molurus which can live up to 15 years in captivity while it lasts only around 10 years if it lives in the wild. 

Next, we have the Burmese python which is the second longest snake in the world. But this python also lives quite long because its lifespan is 20 to 25 years. Some specimens even reach the age of 35 years. So, we can say that on average, a python can live in the 25 years.

B. Life expectancy of an Anaconda

If this is the life expectancy of the most common pythons, it is interesting to discuss also the life span of an anaconda

This species of anaconda is the largest snake in the world with an average weight of 200 kg and a length around 80 to 90 cm.

It is often said that the life expectancy of a green anaconda or giant anaconda can reach 50 to 80 years, but this is not the case, this snake lives only in an average of 30 years.

Another species of anaconda, the yellow anaconda, this yellow snake is not entirely yellow. This species is among the 10 largest snakes in the world. Its lifespan is close to that of the green anaconda, it is about 28 years if the snake is held captive.

C. Life expectancy of a Boa Constrictor

Among the constrictor snakes, we can also recognize the boa constrictor with its name that confirms it. This boa is not like the other constrictor snakes that we have seen before because its longevity is about 12 years.

2. Life expectancy of poisonous snakes

When we hear about snakes, we always think about their fangs, their venom, their dangerousness, snakebite, envenomation, poison. These predators inject toxin to the bitten person. The one bitten by a snake or the one bitten by a snake presents very varied symptoms like nausea, blood clotting, and even death depending on the species that bit him. And we will address the subject of the longevity of these so-called venomous species.

A. Life expectancy of a Viper

First of all, there are the vipers which are quite dangerous and deadly snakes. Indeed, this specimen is one of those that cause bites that can be fatal.

Most members of the viper family can live up to 10 years, but there is a big exception among these snakes and that is the case of the asp viper that can last up to 25 years.

B. Life expectancy of a Cobra

Then, we all know the existence of cobras, they are reptiles that are part of the venomous animals. The venom of cobras is quite surprising and depends on the species of cobra in question. Most cobras are all dangerous species. In general, a cobra lives about 20 years.

C. Life expectancy of a Desert Taïpan

Among these venomous snakes that are very dangerous, there is the Desert Taïpan which is the most venomous and deadly land snake in the world with its venom that is neurotoxic. Being bitten by this snake comes to die in the same day and sometimes not more than 1 hour. Its life expectancy is in the average which is about 15 years.

D. Life expectancy of a Mamba

And finally, we will travel a little in Africa where we find the mambas to quote the green mamba and the black mamba. This mamba is the fastest snake species and is also very deadly.

Indeed, its attack speed can reach 23 Km/h, which does not leave its prey time to dodge. As for its longevity, it can live up to 12 years.

3. Life expectancy of snakes

People are often afraid of all snakes because of their deadly reputation. However, some species are harmless. Like the garter snake, which is sometimes found in the garden, is a fearful snake, and its bite is not toxic, it does not release any venom so it does not release any toxins when bitten. Snake Its life expectancy varies from 16 to 28 years depending on its lifestyle and living conditions.

4. The snake with the longest lifespan

For the surprise, we didn’t discuss this reptile among the pythons but making a point about this snake is very important. Currently, the snake species with the longest life expectancy is the royal python, with its scientific name python regius. In fact, its life expectancy, while in captivity, is 40 years and sometimes even more.

It is not a venomous snake, it is a constrictor like all pythons, that is to say that it does not bite to attack but wraps itself around its prey to immobilize it, suffocate it and kill it.

Indeed, it is devoid of venom. It is the smallest of the pythons with its 120 cm of length, that is to say ten times less long than the Reticulated Python, the longest of the pythons which is the longest snake of the world with its length which can reach the 10 m.

Because of its small size, the royal python is very popular as a pet and many people breed this python because they are in great demand with their color which is very variant and beautiful.

The royal python being the longest living snake in the world, it is normal that the oldest snake in the world is a royal python which is 47 years old. It is kept in captivity.

In short, the average life expectancy of a snake is around 15 years. The reason for this longevity is the law of nature, only the strongest stay alive for long. And since most snakes are no longer than 3 meters and are small, they are easy prey for other predators.

In this article, we have listed the most common and well-known snakes by their size, venomousness. Wouldn’t it be interesting to make an in-depth study to know the most venomous snakes in the world? Which are the biggest in the world? Which are the longest on the planet? Shouldn’t we also do research on the ones that these snakes eat to last in life?

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