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Snake Necklaces

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The snake necklace: a timeless talisman of the jewelry industry

A universe imbued with enchantment and mystery, serpentine jewelry fascinates men and women alike to this day. One can even say that the snake appears as a totem animal in jewelry, so much it is a motif that has inspired many jewelry craftsmen since the dawn of time.

In its universe imbued with nature and a lot of spirituality, the snake motif is not only found on the ultimate snake rings. It is also revealed in all its splendor in necklaces and pendants. Whether you are then looking for your silver snake necklace or a yellow snake necklace, our collection presents many models in gold and 925 sterling-silver in a style from the most classic to the most modern and creative, in a perfect combination of elegance, glamour and delicacy.

Whether you simply want to wear a snake necklace or give one as a gift to a special someone, our collection of medallions, amulets and snake necklaces will satisfy you.

Why wear a snake necklace?

A repulsive animal in nature and always associated with the forces of evil, the snake is nevertheless fascinating in the world of jewelry. An omnipresent motif since antiquity in the world of jewelry, it has never ceased to inspire many jewelers to create the most beautiful known pieces.

This totem animal of jewelry turns out to be a real eye-catcher by finding itself on a magnificent 925 sterling-silver or white gold or stainless steel necklace around the neck. Proudly enthroned on your chest, above your cleavage, the woman snake necklace will undeniably stir your seduction while enhancing your femininity. If you are a follower of the culture and the various beliefs in the world about the virtues of this reptile, this ornament represents the best way to materialize your deepest belief. But more often than not, a gold or silver snake necklace is also appreciated as a lucky charm, a protective amulet. Indeed, if we love the snake motif on jewelry so much, it is mostly because of its many meanings, including wisdom, protection and eternity.

The snake-shaped necklace also remains one of the trendiest jewels. Its purchase is not only an excellent gift idea, but also a great fashion accessory to have on hand. Each breed of snake stands out for its power and individuality, worn as a necklace, its image can only infuse the full force of its symbolism to its wearer.

Buy a snake necklace for its meaning

Since antiquity, people have been adorning themselves with jewels bearing the effigy of this reptile, so repulsive during its lifetime, but so fascinating in image. A symbol of the revival in the Greco-Roman period, the snake necklace is worn to symbolize this rebirth. As the snake strips its skin to renew itself, this metamorphosis is considered as regeneration. If in the past it was mainly women who traded their charms who wore a snake necklace, today this is no longer the case. Nowadays, it is a favorite motif symbolizing eternity, eternal love. Most often, the necklace is adorned with the image of this reptile that bites its tail, called Ouroboros. The necklace snake woman Ouroboros will voluptuously curl around the neck or on the body to appeal to true seduction. On the men's side, the male snake necklace is especially considered as a talisman dedicated to their protection. Yes, men used to adorn themselves with their snake pendant necklace before going to war. Nowadays, to accessorize their outfits with snake necklaces and necklaces in the shape of a snake or with a snake pendant, means not only to have their lucky charm on them, but also to have a trendy and customizable ornament.

Necklace, Long necklace, Amulet or Snake Medallion for all styles.

An uncontrollable motif that always seduces jewelers, the snake comes in a wide variety of shapes and styles. The know-how of craftsmen and expert jewelers allows them to play on the appearance and ergonomics of the reptile to create snake necklaces that are as original as they are unusual.

While in ancient Egyptian times snake-shaped necklaces had the same value as this famous turquoise enamel combined with yellow gold jewelry, they were worn exclusively around the necks of pharaohs as sacred pendants, symbols of their great divinity. In our jewelry collection, especially in our selection ofsterling-silver necklaces in the shape of a snake, you will find this fetish reptile in all its aspects. It can adorn a necklace of cultured pearls in a more articulated style, just as it can embellish a necklace in a rigid form. Set with precious and semi-precious stones, such as amethyst, diamond, sapphire and onyx, the snake pattern will reveal itself further with its sulfurous character. This potentially dangerous side makes the snake necklace even more fascinating and even particularly attractive. Made with white gold or rhodium-plated silver, it will shine with a thousand lights.

To offer or treat yourself to a trendy snake-shaped necklace, however, don't forget that you can always share your ideas and inspirations with us. We offer only the noblest materials for its design: yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, zirconium, chain, diamonds, 925 sterling-silver or stainless steel.

An Ouroboros snake necklace to express all the strength of your feelings.

A motif that occupies a place of choice in the world of jewelry, the snake in all its splendor is declined in the effigy of a whole collection of magnificent jewelry. It adorns earrings, bracelets, bracelets, anklets, anklets, rings and necklaces as well as earrings. Whatever its style, this reptile embodies refinement and chic, without ostentation, but still very attractive. So much the possibilities of interpretation are vast besides, at best you will be able to inspire you to wear your snake necklace man or your snake necklace woman. But if there is indeed a model of the most adapted to express the force of the love which one feels, the necklace forms snake Ouroboros is the ideal, as well as the necklace heart snake.

An image of a snake biting its tail, the Ouroboros usually takes a circular shape. Sometimes, it also represents the symbol of infinity. The snake, in this case, forms two loops before biting its tail. In any case, this image reflects the continuity of life, events and the course of history. An Ouroboros necklace would thus be the ideal representation of a feeling that exists and persists, of such strength that it cannot be extinguished. Ideal gift idea for a loved one, the Ouroboros shaped necklace is present in our snake jewelry collection. If the proposed model does not suit your preferences, our jewelers will be able to accompany you in the creation of this jewel so important in your life.

Snake necklace for men and women : within a high quality jewelry collection.

A range of snake necklaces specially designed to appeal to all tastes and styles, our collection contains models that are as enchanting as they are authentic, whether it is a men's snake necklace or a women's snake necklace. While the men's collection is designed to be more impenetrable to reveal the aura of power emanating from the image of the snake, each necklace is shaped like a talisman symbolizing to perfection the virility and power that lies within each man. The serpentine shape of a woman's snake necklace, worn with a pendant or as a choker around the neck, or as a choker, remains a real trend. But if you want a necklace or a chain that looks like a chic and distinguished piece, the necklace necklace or the gold snake chain necklace will be perfect fashion accessories. In an enameled style, inspired by the ophidian tortoiseshell body, the sterling-silver or gold snake chain necklace will reveal you with more grace and sophistication. Thin and shiny, more often in a bohemian style, it lends itself particularly to the feminine morphology. With its solid joined links however, the flexible snake necklace seduces more by its delicacy and simplicity. Chain necklace, choker necklace, steel necklace, sautoir necklace... our snake necklaces are equipped with a snap hook clasp.

Gold or gold-plated necklace, 925 sterling-silver necklace or white diamond necklace, stainless steel or zirconium necklace... our snake necklaces lend themselves to all budgets while being high-end jewelry. Indulge yourself by browsing through our snake necklaces which comes with a wide choice of models and styles at the best prices!