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Snake Rings

Snake Ring: a very special ornament symbolizing eternity and good fortune.

Have you ever marveled so much at the splendor of a snake ring and wanted to wear one?

The snake ring represents, above all, an important figure in the history of jewelry. If you are so fascinated by its beauty, it is also because it contains so much history and value.

These rings, shaped in the image of a viper, a python or other snake races, are among the most worn pieces of jewelry in the history of mankind. Also associated with many meanings, such as protection, fertility or even eternity, these rings with the image of a snake are nowadays revealed in many models and styles, but always with refinement.

Whether you are looking for an 18 karat gold snake ring, a solid silver snake ring or a diamond snake ring, you will be spoilt for choice. Without further ado, discover the whole world of the snake ring, this iconic ring that lends itself as well on all fingers as with all styles of clothing!

Snake ring meaning to better match your style

The theme of the serpentine jewel ? It has been known by mankind since the dawn of time. But how did this reptile, which has always been linked to hell, which repels and terrifies, become so fascinating by being the effigy of a jewel?

Despite its nightmarish side, the snake has always been a symbolic animal whose many virtues have crossed different civilizations. Among the Greeks, this reptile represented protection. Its moult would be the image of regeneration of the cycle of life, and thus of novelty and eternity. From the time of Ancient Rome, snake rings took on a more refined style. They represented protection and power. Standing out more in the time of Queen Victoria, who had a particular penchant for this reptile, the snake ring has the wind in its sails. Even every precious and semi-precious stone adorning a gold snake ring or a sterling silver ring was selected for its significance at the time. And this is still the case today. That’s why you will find a wide range of original snake rings, knights and rings in all styles of our times. Buying a snake ring for men or a snake ring for women today is a testimony to the strength of your personality, your originality. So, don’t wait any longer to discover the model that will fit you perfectly among our collection which includes a vast choice, namely the double ring or the solitaire ring, the adjustable ring that adapts to any finger turn, the big timeless ring or the knight ring that you can wear every day!

The snake ring for men: only original rings for men

An intriguing and equally fascinating creature, the snake conveys an image of power and might. Proudly brandished on a man’s finger, a man’s snake ring will enhance the elegance of its wearer. Whether it is a solid silver snake ring, a snake ring in yellow or white gold or pink or white gold from elsewhere, you will find your originality through styles and patterns.

The ornaments of this oviparous reptile on a man snake ring are declined in all the styles of our times. If a superb diamond or sapphire set cobra ring will be an excellent choice to show your domination and your virility, a snake signet ring decorated with emerald or garnet will reveal a wild vigor to suggest the existence of the fierce beast buried deep inside you. With an Ouroboros snake gold ring on your finger, the spiritual side of this wild animal in you will awaken with presence. For more refinement, our original snake rings for men can be embellished with gems, semi-precious stones and fine stones, such as sapphires, crystal, topaz, ruby, amethyst, diamond, onyx, zircon, aquamarine among others.

The woman snake ring: a wide choice of jewelry rings to wear for all occasions.

An image of splendor to the flamboyant woman that you are, the gold snake ring woman is revealed in the delicacy of its curves and in the care of its details. With its light shape and sensual undulations, the lined snake ring gracefully wraps around your fairy fingers. On the other hand, in its timeless bohemian style, the bohemian butcher snake ring perfectly symbolizes eternal love. The pretty gold snake woman ring in the Ouroboros style retranscribes this glamorous chic side, while retaining its animal charm with more finesse. A jewel being an accessory that serves, above all, to highlight beauty and femininity, a beautiful snake diamond ring will not only stir your seduction, but will also embody the reflection of your soul. To be worn daily as a chic and discreet adornment, the snake woman rings for phalanx also stand out within our snake rings jewelry collection.

Whatever your tastes and ambitions, our snake rings mounted on precious metals, set with stone or not, all represent the completeness and perfection of distinguished ornaments in the world of jewelry.

A diamond snake ring to express your eternal love The snake ring?

It has different interpretations, ranging from good fortune, wisdom and eternal love. But, if the snake, in itself, symbolizes protection, power and eternity, then offering a gold snake ring as a sign of love would not be such a bad choice. It is quite the opposite, especially with the diamond snake ring. Indeed, the diamond is also known as a symbol of eternal love, pure and lasting love. Combined with the snake to set a beautiful wedding or engagement ring, the snake diamond ring would be a true symbol of love. Even better, you will show your feelings even more by opting for a pretty snake knot ring or an infinite solitaire ring with the Ouroboros hallmark. A gold snake ring or a silver snake ring set with gemstones can only be a reflection of the couple’s union, of their endless love for each other. Then easily make your choice from our collection of high quality snake rings, original rings made of different precious metals, but still accessible to all budgets.

A whole collection of high quality snake rings

Because the snake ring is above all a jewel carrying tradition, we have chosen to offer only handcrafted models. But still, it reflects the personality of the person who has decided to wear them on a daily basis. Thus, we realize for you custom-made snake rings. This, in order to offer only quality jewelry, authentic and perfectly personalized. If you have decided to offer a diamond snake ring or a bohemian butcher’s snake ring to your soul mate as a wedding ring or an engagement ring, you certainly choose the choice par excellence.

Each snake ring presented in our jewelry collection is unique. All of them have been made with passion and designed with originality. Rigorous controls are carried out with our suppliers so that we can assure you an irreproachable quality. Moreover, the snake rings that we offer for sale are made only with noble and resistant materials, such as precious metals like gold, solid silver, titanium and palladium. The composition of the alloy, especially for the fancy snake rings, is free of any material that is toxic to the body. Especially for the solid silver snake ring, some models are plated in rhodium-plated silver, hence the tenfold brilliance. The stainless steel snake ring, appreciated for its robustness and its singular shine, like pink gold or silver, is also very interesting as a silver metal jewel.

The snake motif is also found in our rich collection of snake jewelry, such as on snake earrings, snake bracelets like a bracelet, watches and also on necklaces like a necklace. But, buying a ring, ring, signet ring or signet ring made of snake, is to choose the jewel that will enhance any outfit with elegance and balance. So, what are you waiting for more to acquire your snake ring?