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Thin Two-tone Black-Eyed Gold Snake Ring

The snake ring, an accessory with meaning

In the Bible, the serpent evokes deception and often symbolizes evil. However, this animal appears in other cultures as a protective vigilant and a totem capable of multiplying the amount of energy around you. Therefore, the Fine Gold Snake Ring benefits from these different meanings and makes you benefit from them. By wearing this 316L stainless steel jewel, you will feel a new source of life that encourages you to reach your personal goals and realize your dreams. In case of illness, the power of this golden ring will contribute to your healing through primal energy. With its meticulous finish, this women's jewel set with crystals of different colors is perfect to embellish your finger.

  • Material: 316L Stainless steel
  • One Size (adjustable)
  • Excellent finish with fine details
  • Weight: 23g