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King Cobra Earrings Gold

Cobra Earrings that personify power

Favourite jewelry of dominant women, these Cobra Earrings stand out by the cobra body hanging from your ears. In spite of its hanging shape, this jewel is very light. This feature ensures a comfortable fit. Colored in the image of gold, your Cobra Earrings will enhance all skin tones and all types of faces.

With these gold-plated steel earrings, elegance is the order of the day. You won't look too eccentric or too discreet. They are the perfect balance for all tastes. The result will always be sexy. Especially since the power of the cobra adds a little audacity to your outfit.

  • Material: quality 316L stainless steel
  • Carefully handcrafted : stunning details
  • Size: 6 x 2,5 cm
  • Weight: 13 g